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A blazing fast tool for querying Solr in a Googleish fashion

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Solrstrap is a Query-Result interface for Solr. Solrstrap is intended to be a starting point for those building web interfaces that talk to Solr, or a very lightweight admin tool for querying Solr in a Googleish fashion.


DOWNLOAD: Latest stable release- Solrstrap 0.3



What does Solrstrap do?

Solrstrap takes search queries and displays search results. It also features:

Solrstrap is probably the fastest available rendering engine for Solr.

This is because it does everything in Javascript, CSS and HTML on the client side. JSON is shot back from the server and interpeted by the web browser.

Solrstrap therefore requires much less server power and bandwidth than standard search-middleware applications.

Installation, How do I make it work?

Optionally edit SERVERROOT in /js/solrstrap.js to point to the "select" endpoint of your solr instance, and HITTITLE/HITBODY to reference the appropriate fields in your index

Click on /solrstrap.html.

Thats it.

What is Solrstrap made of?

Solrstrap is lovingly crafted from Bootstrap and Handlebars.



Future releases


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